Assistant Director of Nursing & Wellness

Englewood, NJ
The Bristal at Englewood NJ
105,000.00 Annual
95,000.00  Annual
Full-Time - Sunday - Thursday
9:00AM - 5:30PM


The Assistant Director of Wellness uses his/her specialized knowledge to ensure the Resident’s care and management needs are being adequately and correctly met and assists the Director of Wellness as an additional liaison between Residents, the Residents Legal Representatives, their families, administrative staff, and community-based service providers. Responsibilities include the direct supervision of the Wellness and Reflections Unit; motivation, supervision, and in-service training/education of the Resident Service Aides.

The Assistant Director of Wellness will assure compliance with company policy and the State Health Department’s regulatory requirements for the admission and discharge procedure as well as appropriate documentation requirements.  Additional responsibilities include in-service education on health/wellness related topics and on the spot training to address identified performance concerns and/or improvements.

As a member of a multi-disciplinary team, the Assistant Director of Wellness assists the Director of Wellness in the development of the Resident’s individual plan of care through collaboration with the Resident, the Resident’s family or Representative, the Resident’s primary care physician, the property Management Team, and any appropriate third-party providers.  The Assistant Director of Wellness provides primary Resident supervision and acts as support to Residents, oversees admissions and discharges processes; provides orientation, social/emotional support, arranging for needed services; provides off-site visits and evaluations to residents in hospital and rehabilitation centers, and maintains Wellness/Reflections nursing notes as per company policy. 


  1. Administrative Services:
    1. Responsible for overall supervision of the Resident Services Department in the absence of the Director of Wellness
      1. The Assistant Director of Wellness will cross cover responsibility for the overall supervision of Wellness and/or Reflections
    2. Must be familiar with and able to implement emergency procedures as outlined in the Emergency and Disaster Plan.
    3. Responds to all requests for information and all other activities as directed by the Executive Director, Director of Wellness, and/or the Vice President of Clinical Services.
    4. Responsible for the 24-hour, 7 days a week operation of the Wellness / Reflections Unit when the Director of Wellness is absent/unavailable:
      1. Monitor proper scheduling and assignment of staff for Reflections Program in accordance with company policy and State Health Department regulations
      2. Work collaboratively to find adequate coverage as needed in Wellness and Reflections
      3. Available and responsive to staff and/or Management and/or Resident’s families/providers for immediate consultation 24/7
    5. Maintains on-going infection control surveillance, OSHA standards, universal precautions and basic sanitation and safety in Wellness Office and the Reflections Unit inclusive of the Resident’s apartments
    6. Assures the accuracy of Resident records and documentation in adherence with company policies as well as regulations of the State Department of Health
    7. Assures the medication management system adheres to State and local Department of Health laws and regulations and company policies, as well as Memory Care requirements:
      1. Assures thorough reviews of Medication Administration Records to include “chart to cart” audits, review of pre-MARs and final MARs.
      2. Addresses all findings as a result of the review and develops appropriate training strategies to address such findings
    8. Follows the company policies and procedures related to incident reporting and notifications as well as State Department of Health Regulations
      1. Maintains incident report records
      2. Informs the Director of Wellness and the Executive Director of all incidents
    9. Maintain active community and professional relationships to support positive promotion of the company.
      1. Develop contacts with community agencies serving senior citizens and clergy and refers residents where/when appropriate.
      2. Maintain a liaison with facility and the community nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities.
    10. Conducts, at the beginning of every shift, an observational walk-through of the entire Reflections Unit to ensure no issue or concern needing immediate attention
    11. Conducts daily observational walk-through of the Main Dining Room/Reflections Dining Room to assure Residents are appropriately groomed and dressed
    12. Conducts supervised weekly scheduled checks of Reflections Resident’s apartments
    13. Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Wellness, the Executive Director, and Vice President of Clinical Services.
    14. Monitor and maintain documentation on the Emergency Response System to ensure compliance, reporting findings to the ED as required